Seed Savers Annual Campout 2011

by Jean Ann Van Krevelen

Right now, Ros is at the 31st Annual Seed Savers Campout. In fact, Ros is a member of the board for the Seed Savers Exchange and thoroughly supports their efforts to save and share heirloom seeds. If you aren’t familiar with SSE, I highly recommend you head over to their site and take a look at the gorgeous edibles you can grow from the seeds they offer. Without a doubt, I am most excited to receive their catalog every winter.

Each year, SSE hosts a campout. In addition to being a wonderful time, it’s packed with heirloom experts from across the country. Here’s a bit about the event:

“It’s time to put down your hoe, scrape the mud off your boots and leave your garden behind for a few days for the Seed Savers Exchange Annual Conference & Campout, Friday, July 15 through Sunday, July 17.

We’ve invited all of the Seed Savers Exchange advisors to the farm this year–experts in their respective fields who regularly advise SSE on a range of horticultural and policy topics, people like Clive Blazey from The Digger’s Club in Australia and Suzanne Ashworth, from California, the author of the classic book “Seed to Seed.”

Herb and Flower Garden at SSE

Ros is speaking several times about edible landscaping. Just a few of the other topics include:

  • Apple Bud Grafting by Lindsey Lee
  • Dry Seed Cleaning by Will Bonsall
  • Herbs, Plain and Fancy by Ira Wallace
  • Heritage Poultry by Glenn Drowns
  • Selecting Varieties for Seed Saving by Suzanne Ashworth
  • Garden Photography by Christa Neu

If you are interested in heirloom edibles and seed saving, you should plan on attending next year’s campout. You’ll have a great time and build great relationships within the community.

tee pee of runner beans, 'Sunset' and under planted with 'Bull's Blood' beets

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