Gardening Adventures in April, Part I

I was so busy living April that I didn’t have time to write about April. But here’s a recap.

The first week I spent in San Diego with my daughter and grandkids, exploring. I sure enjoyed playing hooky. When I got back, I hopped a flight to Virginia. The first day I was there, Becky Heath came and whisked me away for the day. We started with a lovely drive through Gloucester, Virginia. This quaint town, home to Brent & Becky’s Bulbs, is filled with tulips and narcissus, planted in every curb, planter, and parking strip. The company donated most of the bulbs, and Becky, staff, and volunteers have planted them throughout the entire town. It’s a tribute to spring, spontaneity, and the generosity of these two growers.

She then took me to their nursery, which I have to say was very impressive and ambitious (and I’ve seen a lot of nurseries). Among other things, they have a living catalog. The beds are laid out the way the catalog is, from A to Z, and there’s the plant you may want to grow, often in bloom. They refresh the beds with plants from their coolers, so more is in bloom than you would ordinarily see. The other parts of the nursery are actual landscapes, at least eight of them, where they incorporate the bulbs with other plantings. It’s a valuable resource for people on the East Coast to see how the plants they choose will grow together. And then we had a wonderful lunch.

Be sure to tune in next week for part II of my April adventures!



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