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Seed Savers 2010 Annual Campout

The Seed Savers Exchange in Decorah, Iowa has been a part of my life since the late 70s when I, and a lot of other worried American gardeners, became aware that many of the old time vegetable and fruit varieties were rapidly disappearing. At that time, most of the major seed companies were offering more […]

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In Memorium – Mr. X

Our noble rooster Mr. X passed away on November 14th. We almost lost him the week before Christmas last year so the past ten months were a gift. Arthritis was his major problem. His last year or so was a quiet one compared to his previous 14 years of traveling around the country visiting nursing […]

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Raising Chickens at Home

When planning your yard, consider including a chicken coop and some chickens. My chickens are champion recyclers that provide a steady supply of beneficial manure. Their presence animates the garden-even if they are not allowed in it (chickens quickly peck and eat most greens). I find chickens amusing, friendly animals; I raise them for eggs […]

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